Open-source DIY Greenhouse Project

In a college class this last year, a group of us were assigned to design a system that would collect and graph environmental data from our campus greenhouse. We would take this data, graph it, and display those graphs on a public website. We’d also use current data to control the greenhouse (i.e. watering, heating, cooling…). Hopefully this information helps you if you are wanting to start your own DIY project and automate your greenhouse.

We decided to use an Arduino UNO, a PICAXE-14M2, and a desktop computer running Windows Vista. The Arduino functioned as the main interface and brain. We dedicated the PICAXE to simply reading sensors and sending that data in a continuous stream to the Arduino via a serial communication protocol.

The Arduino would format and send data to be logged to the PC, which runs MegunoLink. The Arduino would also decide, based on environmental conditions, if the heater/cooler/water should be turned on. Future groups working on the project would have to decided whether the Arduino would do this by sending a command to a dedicated microcontroller (reverse of what we did with the PICAXE being dedicated to sensors) or by directly controlling equipment in the greenhouse.

So, in essence, for this project, we figured out how to set up data logging and automation of the greenhouse environment using cheap materials and open source equipment.

In our report, we provide example code for both microcontrollers and discuss difficulties we ran into along the way. You can read this report by clicking on the PDF link below.

Final Report – COCC Greenhouse IT Group.pdf

IT Budget/Component Pricing.pdf



Open-source DIY Greenhouse Project
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