Sidechain Effect (“Bounce Synth”)

The sidechain effect has been around for a good, long while. Here’s some background info for those of you who might be interested. Wikipedia: Dynamic range compression

There are a variety of ways to do this in LMMS. One LMMS artist (Spade) has a nice tutorial on how to make a sidechain effect using the Peak Controller.

Here, I have two other ideas for you to try out, with a demo/sample for you to download (at the bottom of this post). The first idea is to use the Automation Editor. The second is to use the Volume Envelope filter on the instrument you want the effect to be applied to.

Listen to an audio sample of the LMMS project:

Download this LMMS file and you’ll be able to see how it’s done.

Red Ambassador – Sidechain Example (Right-click and hit “Save As”)

Some things you should know how to do:

  • Connect things to an Automation track
  • Route and instrument through an FX channel
  • Create a melody with an instrument

Does some of this not make sense or you can’t figure it out digging through the sample file? Comment below!

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Effects – Smooth Decimator

Have you ever wondered how recording artists get that muffled/distorted sound in certain types of recordings (many times on a voice during a bridge)? Well I found an effect in Audacity that has a very similar sound.

NOTE: I’m assuming that you’ve already downloaded and installed the LADSPA Plugins for Audacity from their website. This package contains 90 useful plugins for Audacity. If you don’t have it yet, go to this URL, choose your operating system, and click on the LADSPA Plugins link. Install that and you should be good to go!

Smooth Decimator Tutorial.pdf



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02 – Create Text Based Image in Blender

Here you’ll learn basic creation and manipulation of text in Blender. You’ll create a text object, apply a font, and edit the color. You’ll also experiment with the background (or “world”) color and wire mesh vs. solid mesh. Click the link below to download/view the .pdf

Text Based Image in Blender.pdf

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“Cool Spinney Thing” in Blender

Made with Blender. Created by RED 7.

I made a tutorial for Blender yesterday. It’s kind of an abstract “spinney” thing. You can check out the tutorial and finished render by clicking on the videos below. (Soon to be posted) Meanwhile, you can download my current “.blend” file for your own use! Cool Spinney

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