Having trouble with SEO right now!

SEO stands for search engine optimization which determines page rank in google and other search engines.

On of my Wordpress sites is not very high in Google’s rankings! It is being drowned out by phone directories and other sites. Google unlike Bing pulls from the first paragraph instead of the html tags. When dealing with search engines you find they are all different. The amount of links into your site also factor in.

Guess i will look around on the web and see what i can find!

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CSS3 Tool Kit

Debating about getting the CSS3 Toolkit. I already have coda but another css editor could help i think! Here is what they say!

CSS3 Toolkit is a really simple utility tool to help you create complex decorative CSS3 styles visually.

With a live webkit-based preview and instant CSS generation, see your styles come to life in real time.

CSS3 Toolkit is a huge time saver for designers, front end developers and engineers who want to work with cutting edge CSS3 styles right now.

Currently CSS3 Toolkit supports:

– Border Radius
– Gradients
– Box Shadow
– Inner Shadow
– Text Shadow

All styles are stackable so you can combine multiple effects for really rich visual effects.

We’ve also included a handy RGBa picker and conversion tool so you can easily roll RGBa colours into your projects.

Customise the canvas and element colours to suit your needs for a genuinely accurate representation of your site design.

CSS3 Toolkit supports the 4 main vendor prefixes which can also be disabled inside preferences.

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