CSS3 Tool Kit

Debating about getting the CSS3 Toolkit. I already have coda but another css editor could help i think! Here is what they say!

CSS3 Toolkit is a really simple utility tool to help you create complex decorative CSS3 styles visually.

With a live webkit-based preview and instant CSS generation, see your styles come to life in real time.

CSS3 Toolkit is a huge time saver for designers, front end developers and engineers who want to work with cutting edge CSS3 styles right now.

Currently CSS3 Toolkit supports:

– Border Radius
– Gradients
– Box Shadow
– Inner Shadow
– Text Shadow

All styles are stackable so you can combine multiple effects for really rich visual effects.

We’ve also included a handy RGBa picker and conversion tool so you can easily roll RGBa colours into your projects.

Customise the canvas and element colours to suit your needs for a genuinely accurate representation of your site design.

CSS3 Toolkit supports the 4 main vendor prefixes which can also be disabled inside preferences.

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