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Blender is truly an amazing program. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that it is totally and completely FREE (download here)! The things it can do are truly amazing. More and more artists are using this program for their computer graphics and animation needs. A couple short films have already been created using Blender. You can watch some of those here.

Since the Blender website does a much better job at describing what Blender is capable of, we’ll point you to their website to learn about the stunning effects and amazing features of this open source program: Blender Features

We have been writing a couple tutorials on how to do different things with Blender in the Tutorials section. Be sure to check those out as well!

Program Supports:

  • Windows (32 & 64 bit)
  • Mac
  • Linux
NWTE Recommends:

  • Fast processor for rendering (i.e. 2.5 GHz Dual Core or better)
  • More than 3 GB RAM
  • Large screen for modeling and texturing objects
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Light in Web Design

A few thoughts about building a good web experience with light.

First off in the real world I found it light is everywhere! When you see light your eyes automatically are attracted to it so how can I bring that into web design?

With call to action buttons!

Naldz Graphics has a great rundown on call to action.

Check it out.

15 Tips in Making an Effective Call to Action

Websites have their own calls to action which are manifested by a button which urges you to perform an action and brings you to a different page after clicking. It could ask you to purchase an item, to subscribe to a newsletter, to give information, to download something and many others. No doubt, having a call to action is an important part of any website for it provides focus from the users and it directs the users, too. It is also a tool to measure your effectiveness and success as a website.

Hence, it would really be necessary to make your calls to action effective. If not, you will fail to achieve your purpose. For designers, here are some tips for you in making an effective call to action. Try to take note of these points for it will not only help you create effective calls to action but it will also help you have a more successful site.

From Naldz


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02 – Create Text Based Image in Blender

Here you’ll learn basic creation and manipulation of text in Blender. You’ll create a text object, apply a font, and edit the color. You’ll also experiment with the background (or “world”) color and wire mesh vs. solid mesh. Click the link below to download/view the .pdf

Text Based Image in Blender.pdf

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Funny Pics

Though everyone would like these! Found them when I was looking for pictures for an internet privacy post I’m going to make soon! Meanwhile, have a laugh…

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“Cool Spinney Thing” in Blender

Made with Blender. Created by RED 7.

I made a tutorial for Blender yesterday. It’s kind of an abstract “spinney” thing. You can check out the tutorial and finished render by clicking on the videos below. (Soon to be posted) Meanwhile, you can download my current “.blend” file for your own use! Cool Spinney

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