SUPER (c) screenshot.Everyone uses digital media. However, with the wide variety of media devices on the market, not all media files can be played by one device. For example, only Apple devices (i.e. iPod, iPad, iPhone) can play the ACC audio format [there are desktop applications, such as VLC, that can play this format as well]. There are a couple universal, cross-platform media formats, like MP3, GIF, or AVI, but these are only a few of the hundreds of formats used today. Do you need to convert a music or video file from one format to another? SUPER is a great solution.

SUPER can convert almost any file to almost any file. It has a wide variety of options that allow you to tune the output file to your specifications. You can drop the frame rate or bit depth down so that your file can fit on a portable device better.

The application’s interface might take a little getting used to. It will seem complex and confusing to someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. With a little practice and experimentation, you can get into the flow of things and start converting anything to anything.

Unfortunately, this program only exists for Windows users. However, it is completely free. There’s no ads or subscriptions necessary to download or use the program. You can find the .exe for SUPER on the eRightSoft website.

Download SUPER (c) from eRightSoft

Program Supports/Requires:

  • Windows only
  • 1.8 GHz processor
  • Microsoft Direct X 9.0c
  • 180 MB RAM available
NWTE Recommends:

  • Fast processor for both playing and encoding (i.e. 2.5 GHz Dual Core or better)
  • More than 4 GB RAM
  • A block of time to let the program re-encode the file(s)


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PDF Readers

Tired of using Adobe? Hate getting those Adobe Reader update notices? Unfortunately, Adobe does dominate both the flash and PDF worlds. Fortunately, you can start your escape by using totally free PDF readers!


For Windows users, I have a couple recommendations (Mac users, see the section below). If you are looking for similar features as Adobe Reader, like the annotate, screen shot, and other tools, then I would advise getting Foxit Reader. It is truly amazing. They do want you to register, but so far I’ve found that it isn’t necessary to run the application. Another one you might like, if you’re more of a scientific person, is PDF XChange. Since I found these programs, I will never go back to Adobe Reader.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader

XChange PDF Viewer

XChange PDF Viewer

If Foxit Reader is a little complex and you just want a simple PDF reader, then Sumatra PDF might be just the thing for you. They are focused on the simplicity of a PDF reader. It’s got the bare minimums, without any of the frills.


Have a Mac? There’s another free PDF reader you can get too! It’s called Skim. It has many of the features Adobe Reader has (and a couple extras!). As long as you don’t get lost in the program, you’ll be pretty pleased with it!

Skim PDF Reader

Skim PDF Reader

So, there’s some ideas to get you out from under the Adobe monopoly. Enjoy!

Program(s) Support:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
NWTE Recommends:

  • Choosing a simple PDF reader if you don’t need anything complex. Extra features may become frustrating if you don’t need or want them.
  • Watch out for the extra software these programs will try to install. Go through the “Advanced” install process and uncheck the extra software you don’t want.
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Blender ICON


Blender is truly an amazing program. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that it is totally and completely FREE (download here)! The things it can do are truly amazing. More and more artists are using this program for their computer graphics and animation needs. A couple short films have already been created using Blender. You can watch some of those here.

Since the Blender website does a much better job at describing what Blender is capable of, we’ll point you to their website to learn about the stunning effects and amazing features of this open source program: Blender Features

We have been writing a couple tutorials on how to do different things with Blender in the Tutorials section. Be sure to check those out as well!

Program Supports:

  • Windows (32 & 64 bit)
  • Mac
  • Linux
NWTE Recommends:

  • Fast processor for rendering (i.e. 2.5 GHz Dual Core or better)
  • More than 3 GB RAM
  • Large screen for modeling and texturing objects
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Install Android Market on Coby Kyros MID7012 (or most other tablets running Android 2.3.3)

Coby Kyros MID7012So this Christmas, I put the Coby Kyros MID7012 tablet (which only runs Android 2.3.3) on my wish list. I was surprised when I actually received it! By that time, I had decided I didn’t really need it. I am returning it, but I thought I would share some things I learned through the experience. This mainly concerns installing the Android Market on the Coby Kyros.


Ok, just to give you a little background info, the Kyros 7012 and others don’t have the Android Market installed out of the box. It would seem like all you’d need to do is install a few .apk files and you’d be good right? Well all but 2 articles I read online were not like that at all. Most required you to root the device. Although rooting itself can be undone, certain things done with rooting privileges cannot. Not to mention the fact that “rooting” the tablet most likely voids the warranty on the device. So, in short, it doesn’t seem like “doing it right the first time” is very popular with people installing the Android Market. That is why I wanted to throw in my two cents about this so that more people can do this right and not mess up their devices.

After a good amount of research, I found a method that actually worked for me. It is based off of a YouTube tutorial. If you go on YouTube, it’s the first one that pops up if you search “install android market on coby” I believe. Here’s the actual URL:


I have to put that there in case someone messes up their device by following this, although I doubt they will. Okay, here we go.

1. Download the “Android” below with your PC and unzip all the files to a convenient location (say, your desktop).


2. Now connect the tablet to your PC and put these files on your tablet’s SD card or internal memory. If your not sure how to do this, consult your product manual (on page 30 I think). I stuck the files in the “downloads” folder on the device itself.

3. After the files have finished transferring, disconnect the tablet from your PC.

4. Go to your file viewer app. On my tablet, they installed “ES File Explorer”. Yours should have a similar file explorer program.

5. Now find where you put those .apk files. I put mine in the “downloads” folder.

6. Ok, now you are going to install them in a specific order. (Just tap on the file to install. Hit “Done” after each one. DON’T RUN THEM AFTER THEY INSTALL!) Here is the order:

a. OneTimeInitializer.apk
b. SetupWizard.apk
c. GoogleServicesFramework-signed.apk

7. Ok, this step is important. DO NOT GO TO THE HOME SCREEN!!!!. Press and hold the power button on the tablet and turn it off.

8. Now turn it back on!

9. After start-up, you will see a menu with two options. Check the “Use this as default” box on the bottom, then select the option on top (“Launcher”). You don’t want to set up anything. You just want to use the regular initializer.

10. Make sure you are connected to a wireless network (WIFI). If not, get your tablet connected.

11. Now that your connected, go to the Apps list (by tapping the box made of little squares that’s either on the bottom or right hand side of your screen).

12. You should see the Android Market icon in this list. Go ahead and open it. Since this is the first run, you’ll need to enter your Google Account information and accept the license agreement.The Android Market will filter out most apps that won’t work with your tablet.

You should be good to go. Enjoy your new apps!

Install Android Market on Coby Kyros MID7012 (or most other tablets running Android 2.3.3)
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