OpenOffice and Java not Jiveing?

I recently installed OpenOffice on my computer again to experiment with some database ideas I have. I normally use my MS Office suite for document creation needs, although I have used OpenOffice a lot in the past.

For some reason, I couldn’t create a new database because OpenOffice said that I didn’t have the right version of Java installed or that it couldn’t find a valid installation.

I found an easy fix for this problem. You really just need to delete two files and you’ll be good to go. Since it can take a while to navigate to these files, it’s easier to just use Windows Search to find them for you.

  1. Close OpenOffice completely, including the Quick Start thing in the Taskbar
  2. Open Windows Search (Windows logo key Picture of Windows logo key +F)
  3. Type “javasettinsunopkginstall.xml”
  4. Delete the file.
  5. Search for “jvmfwk3.ini”
  6. Delete the file.

You should be good to go!

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